your baby’s skin

Vulnerable by nature:
Baby's skin doesn't function in the same way as an adult's

Protecting your baby's skin from the sun: make it a daily habit

Img_Protecting your baby's skin from the sun: make it a daily habit

Contrary to conventional wisdom, a baby's skin is not fundamentally different from that of an adult. It has the same structure, but has not yet reached maturity, which means it does not have the same functions and characteristics. This means it is more vulnerable to external aggressors such as UV light. To ensure your baby receives extremely high protection without compromising on tolerance, La Roche-Posay Dermatological Laboratories have formulated a product specifically for the delicate skin of babies that is indirectly exposed to UV light:  ANTHELIOS Dermo-Paediatrics.

Skin that is much more sensitive to sun and UV light

In babies, an immature immune system combined with less effective natural skin protection makes their epidermis highly sensitive to UV light. UVA and UVB rays occur throughout the year and can reach your baby's skin in strollers, in the shade or under a canopy or umbrella: this is called indirect exposure.

Indirect exposure: extremely high protection is still a must

Very high protection without compromising on tolerance

The ANTHELIOS range has benefited from major technological innovations to afford adults and little ones extremely high protection. To protect against the dangers of indirect exposure, a stringent formulation charter was designed especially for babies from the age of six months.

The new  SPF 50+ Baby Lotion offers:

  • Effective UVA and UVB protection
  • Optimal tolerance thanks to a simple, minimalist formula developed with the right dose of ingredients selected for their safety
  • A cocoon-like texture enriched with shea butter to moisturise, soothe and strengthen the skin barrier

Four golden rules to give your children lasting sun protection

When it comes to sun protection, dermatologists and pediatricians are unanimous. Follow their advice:

  • 1Avoid direct exposure to the sun before three years of age. Even in the shade, sun protection is needed.
  • 2Where possible, stay indoors when the sun is strongest - between 12:00 and 16:00.
  • 3Opt for dark-coloured clothing (t-shirt, shorts), sunglasses and a hat - even in the shade.
  • 4Generously apply sunscreen with a high UVA-UVB protection factor and reapply at least every two hours.