your baby’s skin

Vulnerable by nature:
Baby's skin doesn't function in the same way as an adult's

Moisturising your baby's skin - a critical step

Img_Moisturising your baby's skin - a critical step

Well hydrated skin is softer and better protected against external aggressors. The same is true for your baby's skin. To preserve and protect it from external aggressors, it is important to combine the right routine with the right moisturiser.

Skin that is naturally less hydrated

Although a baby's skin is structured just like an adult's, it needs extra attention as it has not yet developed the same functions and characteristics. Indeed, a child's sweat glands do not fully function until around 10 years of age, which can result in inadequate moisturisation, greater vulnerability to external aggressors and sensitivity to irritants.

Your baby's skin is especially vulnerable due to frequent bathing and nappy changes throughout the day, making it more prone to dehydration, irritation and dryness. All these phenomena damage the skin barrier.

To ensure your baby's comfort and protect their skin from external aggressors, it is important to moisturise the face and body daily with a suitable product that is both effective and gentle.

LIPIKAR products: hydration tailor-made for infants and babies

The sensitive skin specialist La Roche-Posay has formulated the LIPIKAR range of moisturising products to meet the specific hydration requirements of babies:

  • 1LIPIKAR Fluid is a concentrated moisturising, soothing formula that respects the integrity of babies' skin for everyday use.


Use light, circular strokes to massage  LIPIKAR Fluid into the skin: in addition to moisturising your baby's skin, massage provides lasting relief.

  • 2LIPIKAR Balm AP+ was specially formulated to meet the needs of very dry, eczema-prone skin. Eczema is characterised by red patches and intense itching, alongside severe dryness. It is a condition that truly affects your baby's quality of life. In one simple step,  LIPIKAR Balm AP+ nourishes, soothes and repairs the skin barrier. The balm works to space out dryness flare-ups, restoring comfort and well-being.


Apply  LIPIKAR Balm AP+morning and night, after bathing or washing your baby to favor active ingredient absorption.

To perfectly cleanse baby's skin without depleting its protective barrier, use LIPIKAR Syndet, a very mild, soap-free gel that respects the sensitivity and fragility of a baby's skin.

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