your baby’s skin

Vulnerable by nature:
Baby's skin doesn't function in the same way as an adult's

Baby skin: subject to severe aggressors

Img_Baby skin: subject to severe aggressors

Although it has the same structure as adult skin, baby's skin is more vulnerable and sensitive to external aggressors. To ensure your baby's comfort and well-being, it is important to combine the right routine with the right products while keeping it simple.

A simple daily routine to ensure your baby's comfort

A baby's skin should be cleaned and hydrated every day. A 10-minute bath each day in water no warmer than 37 degrees is enough to clean an infant's skin.


If your baby has normal skin, use  LIPIKAR Cleansing Gel, which gently cleanses thanks to its ultra-gentle, soap-free formula. For drier, eczema-prone skin, add a few drops of  LIPIKAR Cleansing Oil to the bath water to protect your baby's skin. Then wash your baby's skin with  LIPIKAR Syndet, a cream wash that cleanses very dry skin without drying it.

After washing your baby, the skin should be dried carefully before applying a suitable moisturising product such as  LIPIKAR Fluid.Designed specifically for dry skin, it gently moisturises and soothes your baby's skin.

To hydrate your baby's skin, use circular motions to massage the cream into the skin for a soothing effect. For dry, eczema-prone skin, opt for  LIPIKAR Balm AP+ which goes beyond soothing and restoring skin's comfort to reduce bouts of severe dryness.

Pay close attention to your baby's bottom

Your baby's bottom spends all day and all night in a damp, acidic environment because it is exposed to urine and stools. To prevent nappy rash, wash your baby's bottom with a no-rinse cleanser or plain water. You should also dry it gently before applying a protective cream after every nappy change.


Clean your baby's bottom with  CICAPLAST B5 Cleanser. Its ultra-gentle formula cleanses and soothes the skin. Supplement this cleanser with a protective, restorative cream.

Very high UV protection

Pediatricians and dermatologists strongly recommend that children under the age of three should not be directly exposed to the sun as their skin is more sensitive to UV rays. NB: Even if they are in the shade and not directly exposed to the sun, protection is needed from long UVA rays which can still penetrate their skin.


The formula of the new  SPF 50+ Baby Lotion from the La Roche-Posay Dermatological Laboratories is gentle, safe and effective, offering very high protection against UV rays - even in the case of indirect exposure. In addition, its cocoon-like texture hydrates and nourishes your baby's skin for optimal protection.

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