Weakened skin:
At risk of chronic dermatitis and severe inflammation

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The skin on the hands and lips is constantly exposed to external aggression, but its constitution is such that it's not fully equipped to withstand it.Hand skin has few sebaceous glands, and its hydrolipidic film is very fragile. As for the lips, which are semi-mucosa, they have no stratum corneum or sweat glands, no hydrolipidic film and they do not benefit from all the natural protection mechanisms of the other parts of the skin. They are therefore weakened more rapidly.

When the skin on the hands and lips is also constantly under strain, exposed to aggression and thus weakened, the consequences can be serious. The hands may develop dermatitis, or eczema. As for the lips, fissures can become chronic and as a result allergies, angular stomatitis or cheilitis develop.


40%* of all occupational diseases are occupational dermatoses. These diseases can even prevent professionals from continuing their work. In the most severe cases, the skin reaction is such that it leads to hospitalization or job loss.

*1998 figures in France


CICAPLAST expertise at the service of the hands and lips

With the launch of CICAPLAST in 2005, the skincare for fragilized skin entered a new era.

CICAPLAST Hands soothes, protects and restores the skin barrier of overworked hands weakened by domestic and professional aggressors.

  • Glycerin + Shea butter, dosed at 30%, helps build the invisible protective anti-aggression layer. It plays an important role in the skin barrier recovery*.

Its +: One hour after application, a film resembling an invisible and imperceptible glove continues to protect the epidermis from external aggression.

  • Niacinamide, dosed at 4%, helps strenghten the skin barrier + soothing.

Its +: Irritations are rapidly reduced and the skin's natural barrier lastingly reinforced.

CICAPLAST Lips soothes, protects and helps create a barrier for the lips and micro-chapped, irritated and micro-cracked areas of skin.

  • Shea butter, dosed at 10%, supplies fatty acids similar to those of the skin. It plays an important role in hydrating, repairing and softening dry skin.

Its +: It offers long-term protection in the form of a lipid film for intense lip repair.

  • Panthenol, dosed at 5%, has an undeniable soothing action. Combined with MP-Lipids, pro-hydration active ingredients, it contributes to the long-lasting repair of the skin barrier and improves hydration. The skin regains its self-defense capacity.

Its +: Intensely hydrated, the lips regain their elasticity and natural softness. Helps prevent new cracks and chapping


For hands fragilized by professional or domestic aggressors, CICAPLAST Hands acts as a long-lasting invisible glove to fight skin irritation and help reinforce the skin barrier.

For lips weakened by the weather or anti-acne treatment, CICAPLAST Lips is a barrier balm that acts as a second-skin shield.


78% of professionals* say that CICAPLAST Hands is absorbed fast enough to allow them to resume their work immediately after application.

88% of respondents** say that CICAPLAST Lips leaves a protective film on the lips while making them soft and comfortable.

*Self-assessments - 53 volunteers - T4 weeks.

** Self-assessment on 32 subjects taking isotretinoin treatment and on 75 subjects with very dry and fragilized lips, 4 weeks.


User-friendly textures tailored to the lips and hands, encouraging optimal use

Apply your CICAPLAST Hands cream several times a day without waiting for the skin to feel tight or sting. Make sure you spread the product evenly all over the skin, including in the folds between the fingers.

Thanks to its ultra-fast absorption and long-term effect, CICAPLAST Hands is perfectly suited to a daily application and for manual professions.

CICAPLAST Lips' bevel tip is perfectly adapted to the shape of the lips for a very precise application.

CICAPLAST Lips is a multi-purpose product that can be used not only on the lips but also on the contour of the mouth, the philtrum and the nostrils. It is suitable for both adults and children.


CICAPLAST is a multi purpose range that soothes irritations, repairs and protects the skin barrier function. Adapted for sensitive irritated skin, it is also the expert range for skin recovery.


Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.